People are becoming choosier and more adventuresome about exterior paint color combinations. Your house can reflect a sense of style. It doesn’t have to look like every other Colonial or Ranch on the block. Give your home a new identity with an appropriate and well-chosen exterior paint color scheme. Paint color is the single most effective way to change the personality of your house and transform it to its best advantage. People who have never noticed your house before will take notice. Your home’s value will increase and it will improve the overall appearance of your neighborhood. Give your house the same amount of style on the outside as it has on the inside with well-chosen exterior house paint colors.

Exterior painting services include repairing and painting outside structures such as wood or vinyl siding, eves and overhangs. Our team of experienced painters at SaintVil Painting Group also specializes in offering additional services include priming and painting exterior brick and stucco walls, staining exterior natural finishes and more.

When painting exterior surfaces, we focus on exceptional detail and quality. We offer exterior painting services in Miami, Wynwood, Fort Lauderdale & other nearby areas. Some of our services include:

  • Complete exterior power wash to remove loose paint and dirt.
  • Sand and scrape all peeling paint area.
  • Apply premium exterior oil base primer to exposed wood.
  • Replace any damaged or rotten trim.
  • Complete exterior preparation work filling holes and cracks.
  • We use premium acrylic silicon caulking.
  • Mask off and protect all working areas.
  • Apply 20 Year Warranty exterior paint to entire trim.
  • Check sealant on all exterior windows and doors.
  • Final touchup and cleanup.