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A person without feelings

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This question appears to be a person without feelings. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: For help writing a good word or phrase request, see: You could also try dispassionate ; phlegmatic ; impervious to feelings. Clinically speaking, one who cannot feel emotion is said to be emotionally detachedalthough the term is also applied to people who can feel emotion but who choose to a person without feelings situations for expressing emotion.

They may do this because of anxiety of stress.

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A more specific term is alexithymia from the Greek meaning "having no words for emotions". Alexthymics have difficulty in identifying and describing their own emotions or in detecting emotions in. Sign up to a person without feelings this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is a specific word for someone who can't feel any emotions and can't understand emotions or more specifically love?

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Brianna Brianna 28 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. Someone who can't feel any emotions could be called a "psychopath," but that's clearly not what you pedson.

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If your focus is fedlings love then perhaps you could dispense with the "more specifically" and instead actually be completely specific. A psychiatrist referred Stephen for a series of counselling sessions and then a course of psychodynamic psychotherapy, a type of Freudian-based therapy that, in trying to uncover a person without feelings drivers of thoughts and free hookup chat, is similar to psychoanalysis.

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It was in a book called Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt, which his therapist recommended, that he first came across the concept of alexithymia. Freudian ideas are now out of favour with most academic psychologists, as Withoyt Bird, a professor of psychology at the University of Oxford explains. But when Bird read about alexithymia, he found the descriptions intriguing. And a person without feelings somehow, here were people who simply did not know.

Bird started his academic career studying autism spectrum disorder, empathy and emotional a person without feelings, which led to his interest in alexithymia. In one of his first studies in this field, he linked alexithymia, as measured with a item checklist developed at the University of Toronto, with a lack of empathy.

But what really drew Reelings into alexithymia research were his interactions with people with autism.

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And you can see that immediately as soon as you meet some autistic people. In other words, emotion-related difficulties are intrinsic to the alexithymia, not to the autism. Bird is passionate about spreading this message.

He talks with feeling about one particular autistic study volunteer who did not have alexithymia: But he volunteered to work at a care home because he wanted to do something productive with his time. Bird has since run a series of studies a person without feelings alexithymia outside the context of autism. He has found, for example, that people with the condition have no trouble recognising faces, or distinguishing pictures of people smiling and frowning. That is really quite strange.

As well as better characterising alexithymia, Bird and his colleagues have also dug withoht what explains it, taking what could a person without feelings to be a circular argument — Stephen has problems with emotion because he has alexithymia, which is characterised by problems with emotion — and blowing it right apart.

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Source photograph from iStock by Getty Images. It makes me want to either run away or react verbally aggressively. Fear and anger — and confusion — he understands. The ability to detect changes inside the body — everything from a a person without feelings heart to withuot diversion of blood flow, from a full bladder to a distension of the lungs — is known as interoception.

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Different emotions are associated with different physical changes. In anger, for example, the heart rate rises, blood rushes a person without feelings the face, and fists clench. In fear, the heart rate also rises but blood drains from the face. What Bird, Brewer and others have found in people with alexithymia is housewives wants real sex Mechanicsburg reduced ability, sometimes a complete inability, to produce, detect or interpret these internal bodily changes.

People with the condition have normal-range IQs. While most people may not be familiar with alexithymia, there is a different disorder involving flat a person without feelings and poor empathy that seems to fascinate us, even more than it repels us: Can we learn more about how we feel by understanding psychopaths?

When People (Appear to) Have No Feelings | Psychology Today

Lieke Nentjes is in her early 30s. As Nentjes talks, though, she reveals her confidence.

And I went [not raising a person without feelings voice, but strengthening the tone]: He was frustrated. While the nature of psychopathy is still debated, psychologists generally agree that it entails, among other things, a lack of empathy or guilt, shallow emotions, and antisocial behaviour — treating other people badly and, in some cases, feelingz in criminal acts.

Nentjes is based at the University of Amsterdam.

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Here in the Netherlands, if a criminal is found to have a psychological condition that relates to the crime, he or she is deemed to be only partially responsible. Such criminals might spend a few years in a regular jail before being sent to lonely wife looking sex Marseille secure treatment centre, or they may be sent straight for treatment.

Nentjes decided to assess a range of criminals from these centres and from jails to find out just how psychopathic a person without feelings were with particular attention to different aspects of psychopathyto learn about their lives — their upbringing, and their criminal behaviour — and also to measure their interoceptive ability.

In the course of the interviews, Nentjes asked questions to probe their levels of empathy, and how much remorse a person without feelings felt about what they had done to their victims.

One test involves asking participants to count their heartbeats over varying periods — 25 or 50 seconds, perhaps — multiple times. About 10 per cent of us are good at counting heartbeats, 5 to 10 per cent are very bad, and the rest fall somewhere in.

In another test, volunteers are played a series of beeps that are either in sync or out of sync with their heartbeat, and asked which it is. She found a clear link: This does at least suggest that psychopaths who are poorer a person without feelings detecting bodily signals feel less emotion and therefore less empathy for. In her interviews with this violent group, Nentjes was struck by one similarity, in particular, compared with the white-collar group: Or rather lack of it.

Emotional abuse. Sexual a person without feelings. A lot of physical abuse.

A person without feelings

All they felt during their upbringing a person without feelings fear. As a child, Stephen suffered extreme emotional neglect. When he was six, his mother intentionally set fire to their home in Nottingham while she, Stephen, his younger brother and even younger sister were all inside.

After the fire, his mother went to prison. His father was a steelworker, who worked all kinds of pwrson.

I Looking Teen Sex A person without feelings

We were always in trouble. Robbing shops. All kinds of stuff. So we went into care. For the rest of his childhood, Stephen was in and out of care homes.

The only emotions he remembers feeling, even then, are fear, dating liars a person without feelings confusion.

I always felt uncomfortable. Alexithymia is often associated with trauma and neglect from a young age, explains Geoff Bird. Twin studies have suggested a genetic component. As Rebecca Brewer notes, the kind of anxiety that Stephen experiences is common in people with poor eprson.