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Friday, 9 August Headmaster for Housewives 2: He Brings Pleasure Through Punishment erotic ebook. From slack cucklod to flighty fiancees, horny housewives to haughty heads of department — the Headmaster has his work cut out satisfying the concord new hampshire lesbian of naughty married ladies! My Headmaster for Housewives series is bi cuckold blog attempt to update the classic British schoolgirl spanking stories for the modern age.

girls want sex room Pasadena While spanking is very much still 'The English Vice', these days it's grownup boys and girls getting all the caning fun rather than terrified schoolchildren quivering under the rod.

Though they still wear school uniform Corporal punishment wasn't banned bi cuckold blog British private schools untilso it is possible though unlikely that plenty of slipperings, strappings and canings were meted out to the well-bred young ladies who attended these establishments bi cuckold blog the s As one of the cucjold ever spanking stories I ever read succinctly put it This snippet is from '24 of the Best', a story cucmold clearly made a big impression on me when I stumbled across it as a spanking-obsessed young teen.

The following passages certainly provided inspiration for Belmont Ladies' College, the bi cuckold blog in Headmaster for Housewives: To say it was strict was bbi understatement: Arrived two minutes late for a lesson, young girl?

Come and bend over my desk at the front of the class and take three swats with bo slipper. Caught misbehaving during the lunch break? Report to your Housemaster this evening bi cuckold blog six of the best with the tawse.

Punishments were a frequent topic of discussion in bi cuckold blog staff room as. The Housemasters - who had the main responsibility for discipline for the girls - would quite often regale the room with accounts of the thrashings they had cuckokd doled out: And I also remember how the Housemasters agreed that they would each find an opportunity that day to use the new implements, and bi cuckold blog reporting back that evening on the agonies that they had inflicted.

Now, I found it somewhat difficult to relate to all of. Here, I bloog a girl was lucky if she got through her time at the school without at least a slippering bi cuckold blog front of the class.

Watch Bi Cuckold Blog Videos on, the biggest free porn tube. 5 days ago A blog devoted to spanking, cuckold and bisexual fucking artwork, toons and drawings. BLOG BUGS: bi cuckold, cuckold, porn search, cuckold humiliation, bdsm, bbc cuckold, wifeysworld, wifey creampie.

The sadistic masters who make sure that every girl experiences corporal punishment whether she deserves it or not! The books bi cuckold blog set inso the Headmaster is still young, distinguished and handsome enough to appeal to all those lusty English ladies — the bored mothers of pupils, the sex-starved wives of governors, the lonely female teachers — who are all keen for a taste of the Headmaster's rod double entendre very much intended!

The story opens with one of those ladies, the gorgeous and utterly filthy Mrs Fossington, Head of English, receiving a bi cuckold blog royal seeing-to across the Headmaster's desk.

Despite having never been caned at school, like all English ladies she cannot resist the stinging charms of the cane or tawse, and the heat in her bottom bi cuckold blog has bj spreading her legs for the handsome Headmaster! Much is made of the fact that few of the women in the Headmaster's 'harem' were ever actually caned at school.

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The 'romance' of the rod is just so strong, bi cuckold blog spanking now considered bi cuckold blog much a sex act, horny milfs Bulahdelah with this being mixed with the memories and connotations from upbringings where spankings and canings were possible, if never actually carried.

In the second part Mrs Ccuckold shows that the cane's allure reaches across the generations as she hauls two of her student-teachers, Trudy and Miranda, in front of the Headmaster.

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This is supposedly for the purposes of bi cuckold blog school discipline, but really it is because Mrs Fossington wants to introduce these two younger ladies to the delights of a spanking, caning and fucking from the hunky Headmaster Sure enough, the Cuckokd soon has all of them dressed up in full school uniform and well and truly dancing on the end of his rod! Including the haughty Mrs Fossington! And there are also rather a lot of hints that the highly sexed Head of English has been having her own fun with bi cuckold blog two wifes dirty pussy schoolmistresses Once the insatiable members of staff have been brought into line, the Headmaster must deal with yet another disgruntled mother of a student Posted by QBuzz at Email Bi cuckold blog BlogThis!

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Friday, 26 July Stepfather of the Bride Jonathan art manips. As we reach the peak of the long hot summer months, the wedding season is in full swing.

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As you sip overpriced prosecco and struggle through boring conversations with relatives you'd hoped to never see again, perhaps you can improve your mood by bi cuckold blog the following happening to the smiling young bride and groom Friday, 12 July Headmaster for Housewives 1 erotic ebook. From punished parents to submissive secretaries, unsatisfied cuckkold to saucy schoolmarms — sophisticated bi cuckold blog are queuing up for a taste of the Headmaster's long hard stick Older Posts Home.

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