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Changes at Midlife. Causes of Sexual Problems. Effective Treatments for Sexual Problems.

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There is no scientific evidence that menopause or hormone therapy is responsible for midlife weight gain. Many women gain weight during the menopause transition.

This weight gain is sometimes blamed on menopause or on treatment fat women online conditions related to menopause, including hormone therapy. However, there is no scientific evidence that menopause or hormone therapy is responsible for midlife weight gain. Age and lifestyle are the main culprits.

Aging and lifestyle seem to be the primary culprits behind weight gain in women around the time of menopause. Aging is associated with slowing of the metabolism.

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Lean body mass decreases onlinf age while body fat accumulates throughout adulthood. The bottom line: Women generally become less physically active as they pass through their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

With decreased activity, fat women online mass decreases. Does menopause affect body shape? Although menopause may not be directly associated with weight gain, it may be related to changes in body composition and fat distribution.

Several studies have shown that perimenopause, independent of age, is associated with increased fat in the abdomen as well as fat women online lean body mass.

However, further study is needed on the exact role of menopause in body composition.

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Regardless of the different contributions of aging and menopause to weight gain and body composition, the fact is that most women fat women online North America are overweight at fat women online. Any excess weight raises the risk of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease which is particularly linked with excess fat in the abdomentype 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and some types of cancer including breast and colon.

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Member Log Fat women online. Menopause Chapter 2: Midlife Body Changes Chapter 3: Clinical Issues Chapter 4: Disease Risk Chapter 5: Clinical Evaluation and Counseling Chapter 6: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Chapter 7: Nonprescription Options Chapter 8: Changes in Weight and Fat Distribution.

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