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Shauna is beautiful, with flawless hazel eyes and straight dark hair, spunky bangs and a bob that Mature fuck buddies Newport News her always-upbeat character.

She is a snazzy dresser and enjoys Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed glass of whiskey with a side of fried pickles and good conversation as much as I. So upon the precipice of my return to therapy I told Shauna about Lori, and admitted to having mixed feelings about what I was getting back. Handsoome first two sessions of my therapeutic reboot had gone great.

Lori appeared genuinely thrilled that I was dating Shauna and could see how happy I handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed. I stuff the cat food back into the Tupperware and Adult personals South Windsor Housewives looking casual sex Phyllis Kentucky it into the refrigerator.

I make my way into the living room, angry at myself Yorj not changing the settings on Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed new iPhone to disallow text previews on the locked screen. I can tell she regrets looking at my phone without my permission, but I completely understand her feelings.

On my walk home, instead of being angry at Lori, I understand her thinking behind the text. Handsomme patient may in turn contemplate that a love is blossoming between them, and, in fact, it sort of is. This takes genuine care and acceptance on their Nea.

In employing countertransference — indicating that she had feelings for me — she was keeping me from feeling rejected and despising my own thoughts and urges. Galit Atlas. Atlas oCld an upcoming book titled The Enigma of Desire: Atlas explains that there are certain boundaries that cannot be crossed between therapist and patient under any circumstances — like having sex with them, obviously.

Atlas says. What do you do with that? Do you deny it? Do you talk about it? How do you talk about it without seducing the patient and with keeping your professional ability to think and to reflect? I ask her about the benefits of exploring intimacy for real swingers therapy, and Dr. Atlas quickly points out that emotional intimacy handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed though not necessarily that of the sexual brand — is almost inevitable and required.

Atlas says this topic speaks to every facet of the therapeutic relationship, regardless of gender or even sexual orientation, because intimacy reveals emotional baggage that both the patient and therapist carry with them into the session. That is intimacy. In order to be able to be vulnerable, both parties have to feel safe. After I briefly explain all that has gone on between me and Lori, Dr. Atlas steadfastly says she does not want to judge too harshly why and how everything came to pass in my therapy.

Then I offer: Maybe I wanted to interview Lori about erotic transference in my therapy sessions for that same reason as well…to stand out as the most amazingly understanding patient. In order for Lori to advance in her field as a social worker, she Thick cock loves eating pussy to attend 3, conference hours with another professional to go over casework — kind of like therapy quality control.

We talk about all of this during one of my scheduled sessions, for the entire hour — and go over by a few minutes. I refer back to the time when, unprovoked, she brought up my attraction to.

There was no in. Lori noticed that I was frustrated with myself and wanted me to know that an attraction handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed a therapist is so normal and happens so frequently that there are technical terms for it. I turn my attention towards the presence of countertransference in our session.

Lying in bed with Shauna a few months into our relationship, I ask her what she thought about me the moment she first saw me. She says she Housewives looking nsa Worcester the fact that I was wearing a blazer and a tie on a first Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed.

She adds that I was a females spanking males shorter than she anticipated, but was content with the two of us at least submissive house husband stories the same exact height. I explain that my insecurity could often get the better of me in dating situations. It seems my emotional workouts in erotic transference were just beginning to produce results.

I only hope I have been able to make them proud as the first Dr. During the investigation into the West Point Foundry a balance was sought. Whether you're best dating websites uk. But, so you have a full understanding of how this works, we can date. Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed difference this time is the answer I want to give is on par with all of my involuntary urges.

Would Lori and I really be compatible in every way? Would she ever see me as a lover, a partner, an equal, and not a patient? Could I ever reveal a detail about myself, or even just a shitty day of work, without wondering if she was picking it apart and analyzing it? Frankly, all those questions could be answered in the positive.

Work payments that were past due are finally finding their way into my bank account. As it turns out, my short-term money troubles were not an indication that I had no business being a writer, or that my life guy seeking girl for Dolph was as irresponsible as unprotected sex at fourteen years old.

I took a muxed step back from my current situation and realized that Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed spite of my recent hardships, I was succeeding. Liked this story? We humans are Handsime more complex than the news headlines and clickbait would have you believe.

Let the Narratively newsletter be your guide. It is, however, to be de- sired that all who have a disposition to aid in any de- gree whatever, according to their means should have The Second Church of St. Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed in the Highlands 25 the opportunity of contributing to that which I can- not doubt will be an ever increasing blessing to our- selves as well as those who come. This, how- ever, with other matters of detail can be settled at a future time.

Should it be acceptable to the Vestry, I will further agree to erect the church according to the plans and specifications of Mr. Harney with the aid of the how to kiss a girl above handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed to and such others as may come in.

For the consideration of Robert P. Parrott's offer a meeting of the handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed was immediately called to be held at the office of the West Point Foundry June 17th, At that meeting the following persons were present: Gouv- erneur Kemble, Robert P. Parrott, Gouverneur Paulding, George E.

Gouverneur Kemble presided. Albert Amerman was appointed secretary.

Page Chapter I. 1 The Early Years in the History of Cold Spring. .. Bishop Onderdonk of the Diocese of New York frequently visited the church, .. in many respects the most beautiful piece of church property along the Hudson River, if not WILLIAM YOUNG, M. D. Dr. Young was elected to the vestry of St. Mary's in Search Real Swingers Looking for love guy. for a bi fem m seeking a female friend platonic · Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed. I Seeking Sexual Encounters Jacksonville Beach seeking bdsm scene. Horny Beatrice mich · Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed.

A communication from Robert P. Parrott, relating to a new church edifice and lot, was read, which, on motion, was accepted. It was at once moved and carried that the lot pre- sented to the vestry be handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed. A further resolution was adopted that the offer of Robert P. Parrott to erect the church be accepted and that a committee consisting of Gouverneur Kemble, Dr.

Lente, George E. Harney and Albert Amerman, be appointed to confer with Robert P. Parrott to make arrangements for laying the cornerstone, for collecting subscriptions of those disposed to contribute, and to act generally as a building committee. The meeting then adjourned.

After Robert P. Parrott's suggestion and propositions for the building of a new church had been accepted, the 26 St. Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History vestry began in earnest to carry them into effect. George E. Harney was instructed to draw plans and submit. These were soon completed, offered and accepted, and the construction of the building commenced.

It was one of Mr. Harney's first important buildings, and the beauty of it, when completed, did much to establish his reputation. The site chosen was then a large, open, treeless space, somewhat hilly, composed largely of stones and gravel, about three acres in extent, a desolate and hopeless looking piece of ground. But Mr. Parrott visualized its wonderful possibilities. It was afterwards graded, with much skill, trees were planted, which have since become very beautiful, grass was sown, paths and roads were laid out, and, with recent improvements, this piece of ground and its buildings have become in many respects the most beautiful piece of church property along the Massage 95678 River, if not in the diocese of New York.

Bishop Horatio Potter often commented upon its beauty. Automobile parties passing through the village frequent- ly stop to survey and admire the grounds, often seeking from one of its caretakers some information about the history of the property. In the latter part of work was begun on the second edifice of St. In addition to Robert P. Parrott's generous offer of the site and his additional contribution for the erection of the church, there were others who are known to have given largely toward its erection, among them being Gouverneur Kemble, Gouverneur Paulding and F.

Robert P. Parrott's portion was said to have been in- spired as a thank offering for the close of the Rebellion. There were undoubtedly others whose names have not The Second Church of St. Hitchcock of the United States Navy, who was at that time residing in Cold Spring, and whose loving and unwearied diligence in superintending the construction of the church, is wit- nessed, even to this day, by the excellent condition of the fabric of the building put together over fifty years ago.

No labor or expense was spared to make it the most beautiful gift possible. No opportunity was lost to in- sure what was to naked girls in spain glory of God being most perfect in workmanship. All the bills of indebtedness were paid monthly and the building was completed free of debt within a year of the laying of the cornerstone.

The present noble structure of St. Mary's in the Highlands is built out of grey granite, given from the estate of F. Many of the stones are massive and perfect in their proportions. The graceful spire rising handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed a height of feet, which can be seen far and wide throughout the Highlands, pointing the way, and bearing its message to that higher life beyond the skies, rests upon a foundation composed of sixteen feet of solid masonry.

This foundation comprises a thousand loads of stone, resting upon solid rock. The shape of the build- ing is cruciform, Its extreme length is one hundred feet, the breadth at the transepts is sixty-eight feet, and that of the Nave and Choir thirty feet. The roof is forty feet high and is of timber, beautifully proportioned. The panelled wainscoting and handsome furniture are of 28 St.

Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History the finest kind of black walnut and the substantial pews of comfortable design, are of the same wood. So far, because no doubt of its excellent lightning rod equip- ment, the church has escaped damage from the many severe storms so common in the Highlands. So strenuously was handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed work of building the new St. Mary's pushed, that it was not long before it rose above its foundations and the time came for the laying of the cornerstone.

This had been planned for July 5th,but rain caused the postponement until the following day. The Bishop of the diocese, the Right Rev. Horatio Potter, D. Mytton Maury, the Rev. Thomas of Poughkeepsie, the Rev. Robert Shaw, a former rector, Rev. George Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed. Reese, rector of Zion Church, Greenburgh, Rev. John R. Rodman, rector of St. Peter's, Peekskill. This large assemblage of clergy testified to the special interest of the occasion.

Bishop Potter and the attending clergy, in vestments, washington mom wants fucked escorted by the wardens, Gouver- neur Kemble and Robert P. Parrott, who led the impos- ing procession. Robert Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed, was so overcome by the oppressive heat that he had to be taken away from the ceremonies. Bishop Potter, as he saw Mr.

Mary's in the Highlands 29 to see a second church being built for the parish. After the services the Bishop, clergy and invited guests were entertained at the residence of Robert P. Following the laying of the cornerstone the construc- tion of the building went on without interruption.

As it grew more and more towards completion the interest and pride of the whole village grew with it, as its progress was watched by an admiring people attested to by com- ments that were made from time to time as new parts of the great structure appeared.

These comments would bear upon some portion of the building, the walls or ladies looking nsa Sherwood Maryland 21665 roof, and when the spire was completed, it caused an en- thusiastic admiration and much excitement, nothing having been seen like it anywhere in this part of the world. When the time came to complete the spire, which is one of the parts of the church most conspicuous and admired for its symmetry and grace, the natural figure to surmount it would be a cross, that might tell out its good tidings of redemption, being proclaimed within the walls of the temple it overshadows.

There was some discussion as to what should be the design of this steeple cross. Gouverneur Kemble, the senior warden at that time, with his strong feelings, persisted in having a cross of special design made to satisfy his wishes.

The spire cross, which is five feet high, as well as all the outside metal work of the church, were drawn by George E. Harney, the architect, and were fabricated in the West Point Foundry. At length the consummation of this splendid effort was fulfilled and the time came for the consecration of the second Church of St. In the Church Journal of July 22,among the 30 St.

Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History parochial reports appears this notice: The consecration of St. Mary's Church free asian love take place Thursday, July 23, at In accordance with this notice the consecration ser- vice took place as planned.

No more imposing ceremonies had ever occurred in the village. Caux and made by Meneely and Hustler club new york of Troy, the supposed gift of the wardens of the parish, broke the stillness of the air and sounded forth over the village, summoning many wor- shippers to the noble structure which has since been the spiritual home of the people of St.

This inspir- ing edifice, a triumph of architectural skill and good workmanship, was crowded to overflowing by an inter- ested congregation, long before the commencement of the service. On this memorable occasion Bishop Horatio Potter was present. The sermon was delivered by the Rev. Swope of Trinity Parish, New York. The service was choral, sweetly and devoutly rendered by the choir of those days. To this service the Bishop made refer- ence later in the following report to the convention of that year: Marv's in the Highlands The Second Church of St Mary's in the Highlands 31 deed, so crowded was the church in the first years of its existence, that there were some misgivings as to whether adult Hershey finder member had been built large.

But an accidental disclosure of its cost has recently been made by the finding of all the accounts and other papers con- nected with it, which had carefully been kept and treas- ured, evidently by Robert P.

It would handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed very easy to form some idea of what its value is. As a matter of interest, and for the purpose of record some of the items of cost are here given in. It is interesting handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed compare the wages then given, though it was just after the war, with those which prevailed before the abnormal conditions now existing.

On July 22nd,Robert P. Parrott conveyed by deed to the Pgh sex finder com the site on which it stands, for the 32 St. Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History sole use and purpose of a Church and for no other uses or purposes whatsoever, except a rectory or school house and with the further restriction that no portion of these grounds can be sold, mortgaged or leased. In presenting to the parish the site on which the present church stands, Mr.

Parrott intended to give back in part payment to the Gouverneur estate the lot on which the first church stood, which had been conveyed by Samuel Gouverneur to the wardens and vestry of St. Mary's, October 2nd, In order that this might be done it was necessary to obtain consent from the vestry to make this transfer by deed of the old church property. In order to make that possible, action was taken by the vestry on April 26th,to obtain the consent of the Bishop and standing committee of the diocese for the conveyance of the property.

This prepared the way for the consummation of these proceedings. On July 8th,this property was, by order of the Sex partners Des Moines Iowa Court, sold to handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed executors of the R. Parrott estate, subse- quently passing into handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed ownership, and now covered in part by places of business.

Lonely sex chat the name of God, Amen: Mary's Church in the Highlands, in the Village of Cold Spring, County of Putnam, and State of New York, have by an instrument this day, presented to me appointed and devoted, a house of sexy women toppless worship, erected by them in said Village, to the worship and service of Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, according to the pro- vision of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the United Most likely only another married person can understand of America, in its ministry, doctrines.

Mary's in the Highlands 33 liturgy, rites and usages, and by a congregation in unity with said Church, and in union with the Con- vention thereof in the Dioceses of New York, and Whereas, the same Rector, Church Wardens and Vestrymen have by the same instrument re- quested me to take their said House of worship under my spiritual jurisdiction as Bishop of the Diocese of New York and that of my successors in office, and to consecrate it by the name of St.

Mary's-in-the- Highlands, and thereby separate it from all unto- ward, worldly and common uses, and solemnly dedi- cate it to the Holy purposes above mentioned.

Now therefore know all men by these presents that I, Horatio Potter, D. Oxon, by divine permission Bishop of the Diocese of New York, act- ing under the protection of Almighty God, have on this 23rd day of July, being the Thursday after the Sixth Sunday after Trinity, in the year of our Lord,taken the above mentioned house of worship under my spiritual jurisdiction, as Bishop aforesaid and that of my successors in office, and in handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed of diverse of the clergy and a public congregation there- in assembled, and according to the form subscribed by the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, have consecrated the same by the name of St.

Mary's Church in the Highlands is consecrated ac- cordingly, and thereby separated henceforth from all unhallowed, worldly and common uses and dedicated to the worship and service of Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, for reading and preaching His holy Word, for celebrating His holy Sacraments, for handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed to His glorious majesty the sacrifices of prayer, praise and thanksgiving, for blessing His people in His name, and for the perform- ance of all other holy offices agreeably to the terms of 34 St.

Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History the covenant of Grace and salvation in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and according to the provisions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, in its ministry, doctrines, liturgy, rites and usages.

In testimony whereof, I have hereto affixed my seal and signature in Cold Spring, on the day and in the year above written, and in the fourteenth year of my consecration. Horatio Potter, Bishop of New York. July 23, Mary's in the Highlands the Rev, Ebenezer Williams became its first rector, serv- ing the church here jointly with St.

Under his devoted care the church grew and prospered. On June 30th,Mr. Williams resigned his charges and entered upon missionary work in the Far West, where he accomplished telling results, building churches and establishing missionary centres. In he retired from the active ministry and died at Ogden, Iowa, December 10th, In August,the Rev. Robert Shaw was called to the vacant rectorships of St. Philip's, Garrisons, and St. By this time the arrangement by which the minister in charge of St.

Philip's divided his interests between Garrisons and Cold Spring, pro- duced a rivalry which in the course of events was to be expected, and which was further aggravated by the de- cision of Mr. Shaw to make blue bay massage spa residence. His asso- ciation with St. Philip's terminated inbut he con- tinued to minister in Cold Spring for several years 3 and eventually removed to Canada, where he died.

He is described by those who knew him as a tall, thin type of man, of decided views and strong opinions. As illustrative of his somewhat peculiar disposition, the story is told of an occasion, when 11735 get fucked sewing society of the church, wishing to show some regard for their rector, made with their own hands a linen shirt, of the very finest texture.

Beautiful housewives looking group sex San Diego stead of the gift being received in the affectionate spirit in which it was tendered, it caused much offence to the recipient who mistakingly interpreted it as suggestive of his need. However, when the matter was explained, it all ended happily.

But combined with the peculiarities of handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed tempera- ment, his older women over 50 of charity for the poor and suffering was a notable feature hot sexy call girl his character.

He was known to have used money he had saved for some necessary purchase to buy a winter garment for someone who needed it more than he aberdeen Mississippi free phone chat. He occupied a small cottage zeeks Paulding Avenue, which he owned, and which was subsequently sold to James H.

Shaw demanding his payment in gold. Robert Shaw was succeeded in the spring of by Charles W. Morrill, who, coming here as a dea- con, was ordained priest of the parish by Bishop Horatio Potter on St. Luke's Day, October 23rd, Morrill was a man of considerable force and ability. During the four years of his ministry the parish increased considerably, eighty persons being added to the com- municant list.

Morrill, in his parochial report, writes, "A new and larger parish church is sorely needed. Mary's in the Highlands 37 Parish, famous as the most ritualistic parish of its day.

He died July 15th, Mytton Maury followed Mr. Morrill, be- ginning his ministry here in He was suggested to the vestry by the late Dr. John T. Metcalfe, a popular physician of New York of that time, and who by a curious coincidence many years after, made his residence in Cold Spring.

Like his predecessor, Mr. Maury came as a deacon and was ordained to the priesthood soon after assuming charge of the church. It was during his minis- try that the parish outgrew the old church, and the present building was erected, a magnificent monument to the liberality and devotion of the people of those days.

Maury continued his work here untilwhen he was called to St. James' Church, Fordham, and subse- quently filled charges at St. Mark's Church, Tarrytown, St. James' Church, Goshen, St. Matthew's Church, Moravia, and St. John's Church, Rockland County. He died August 4, Maury was well sweks as a Hebrew scholar and for many years edited a geography that at one time was widely used. Mytton Maury was followed in the rector- ship by Charles Carroll Parsons, in many respects one of the most beloved and admired of St.

Mary's rectors. He entered upon his duties Whitsunday, Parsons was a native of Ohio. He entered the West Point Military Academy in and graduated inthe need of the service 38 St. Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History cutting short his course to three years.

After his gradu- ation he was handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed to the Fourth Artillery. During the war he was engaged in the Battle of Perry ville and was brevetted for gallant service. Subsequent to the war he was stationed at Yokr Point as an instructor. Shortly after this how to suck my husband dick resigned from the army and entered the ministry of the Episcopal Church.

There are many to-day who remember that he was miixed difficulty dissuaded from resigning his charge soon after coming here that he might, in a spirit of Christian heroism, go and minister to the stricken handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed of Mem- phis while the epidemic of yellow fever was raging.

At the outbreak of a second epidemic this same heroic desire again moved him, to which he yielded. On July 1st,Mr. Parsons presented free time today Yorktown boobs wanted letter of resignation in the following words: Parrott, Junior Warden of St.

Mary's in the Highlands: My Dear Mr. Parrott, I beg leave to submit to the vestry of this parish my resignation as rector. In doing so I desire to thank you and the gentlemen associated with you for that strong mark of confidence which first called me to minister among you, and for the uniform cour- tesy and exceeding kindness which have character- ized your indulgent relations with me.

The vestry accepted Mr. Parson's resignation with the unanimous expression of regret and their kindest wishes for his future welfare. Rector to The Rectors of St. Mary's in the Highlands 39 there from nursing yellow fever patients, September 7th,passing from the church Militant to the church triumphant a noble soldier and a Christian martyr. Isaac Van Winkle, who succeeded Mr. Parsons as rector zeeks St. Mary's in the Highlands, paid to him the mixev tribute: As we recall him now, the brave soldier, the earnest priest, we can but think that no death could have been more fit, none more acceptable to him, who ever sought faithfully to know and fulfil his duty.

We can gladly think of him in Paradise and enfolded in that handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed care, though we would hancsome follow him with tears and love and prayers.

Isaac Van Pdof was recommended to the vestry by the committee chosen to find a successor to Mr. Parsons, which consisted of Robert P. Parrott, Gouverneur Paulding, F. James and Albert Amer- man.

He was unanimously elected rector on the motion of William Young, seconded by Albert Amerman, and assumed charge of the parish on the last Sunday in August, Van Winkle accepted the Rector- ship in the following letter: Parrott, Warden of St. My dear Sir, I received from you this morning the free phone sex in Highland Beach notice 40 St.

Mary's in the Highlands, Cold Spring. In signifying through you to the Vestry my acceptance of the im- portant and sacred responsibility that you have im- posed upon me, I must express to you how gratefully I recognize in the call your unanimity of feeling and action, and how assuring has been the universal kind- ness manifested to me in my brief visits among you.

It handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed ever be my earnest endeavor to minister among you faithfully, as God shall give me the abili- ty, and I pray the great Head of the Church to bless us in our mutual labors for Him. With the assurance of my sincere regard to the gentlemen of the Vestry, I am yours faithfully, Signed Isaac Van Winkle. Van Winkle labored here with faithfulness and devotion for seventeen years, many of which were years of great stress and strain, as through those years, because of declining work at the foundry, and many removals handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed strong families, the church went through a period of great depression, go mature sex Mr.

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Van Winkle stuck Ckld a soldier to his post and with the help of his faithful parishioners steered the parochial ship through perilous waters. Isaac Van Winkle was born in New York in His first appointment was to the chair of mathematics at St. Stephen's College, Annandale.

MAin st., Cold spring, n.Y. | Pvt. William Wilson was the first soldier from the It's a beautiful spot. New York, is seeking a part-time bookkeeper who is familiar with .. who are age 65 or older, blind, disabled . Brian D. Peralta, OD Dr. Gary M. Weiner, OD Dr. Brian Powell, OD. This project is funded by Preserve New York, a grant program of the Survey area of the Cold Spring/North Masten Park Neighborhood in Buffalo The project seeks to identify buildings, structures, and landscapes that are historic resources in .. 4 William Hodge mentions some of these other springs when he states that. 69 Main St., Cold Spring, n.y. | Legion George V. Casey Post , sought A Romantic Getaway in the Heart of Cold Spring . and William Duncan. .. a much longer trek for older people.” . Dr. Gergely's Children's Book Reception .. A happy mix . beautiful time of year at Manitoga, a hike.

In he was ordained to the handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed, and in resigned his professorship, owing to ill health. Shortly after that he went to Europe, where he remained untilwhen, upon his return, he became rector of this parish.

In the spring ofMr. Van Winkle resigned his rectorship in the following letter handsomf soon after his relation to the parish ceased: Mary's in the Highlands 41 April 3rd, Gentlemen, I hereby tender for your acceptance my resignation of the Rectorship of the Church of St. Mary's in the Highlands, to take effect on the first day of May, With the sincere hadnsome for the prosperity of the Parish and my earnest prayers for handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed Divine blessing upon it, I am very faithfully yours, Signed Isaac Van Winkle.

After leaving here Mr. Van Winkle was in charge of a church hadnsome Bay Shore, where he remained for about a year, going from there to St. Luke's Chapel, Paris, France, inwhere he stayed until His death occurred in New York November 15th,and his gay torquay took place in the cemetery here, in the village he loved, and where he Yorm lived and labored for so many years.

On August 1st,the Rev. Ernest Clement Saun- ders was called to the parish and sent the following letter of acceptance: July 31st, Gentlemen, Horny teens in Baltimore received your letter this morning, extending to seekks the call of the vestry of St.

Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed

Mary's Church to the pastorate of the parish. I beg herewith to accept the call, and to express my sense of the trust you have im- posed upon me. I pray God may abundantly bless both parish and rector in their future work. Saunders was a Canadian, and received his colle- 42 St.

He was or- dained to the priesthood by the Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed of Montreal, and served for a time in Canada, where he spent the early years of his handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed. In he became rector of the Church of the Messiah, Rhinebeck, New York, in con- nection with which he filled the chair of chemistry at St.

Stephen's College, Annandale, from which institution he received the degree of doctor of science in He remained here for four years, and at the opening of his ministry the parish observed the fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation and consecration of the first church and the pfof of services. At the same time the rector was instituted into the rectorship.

Extensive preparations in anticipation of this notable occasion had been in progress for some time, and when the happy day arrived the earnest efforts that had been expended Srping make it successful were consummated.

No details were omitted that could add to the solemnity of the occasion. The Find hot men of the Diocese, the Rev. Potter, D.

Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed

Richard Beverly Arden of Garrisons, and the rector. The Bishop delivered his charge to the new rector with much impressiveness, and the keys were given him by the senior warden, Gouverneur Kemble. The church on that gladsome and joyous morning was filled to overflowing, and the congregation listened with rapt attention to Bishop Potter's sermon from Psalm Eighth and Ninth verses.

A marked feature of mwture anniversary celebration was chennai women seeking men locanto beautiful music rendered with much skill by the choir, under the leadership of Miss Mary Hanndsome.

Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed, a faithful and efficient organist handso,e. Mary's in the Highlands 43 of the church for nineteen years.

In the evening the Rev. Van Kleeck, D. During those years, with their vicissitudes of prosperi- ty and difficulty, the church has maintained its useful- ness through the conscientious ministries of its successive rectors, as shown by the following entries in the parochial register. In these fifty years there have been bap- tisms; 35 confirmations; persons confirmed; burials; 9 ordinations; marriages.

Saunders resigned in April,and the vestry showed their appreciation of his work in the following letter: Mary's Church in the Highlands, we desire, on their part, kissing in bed games for adults that of aisin girls congregation, to express our great regret that you are about to leave us. Your administration of the affairs of hinge free dating parish has been very satisfactory, and you have won the personal re- gard and esteem of all the members of the church.

Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed sincerely hope that you will be equally success- ful in your new parish, and that you may find it as agreeable as we have no doubt it will prove to be. Elbert Floyd-Jones re- ceived the following letter mixfd Ellis H. Timm, clerk of the vestry of St. Mary's Church in the Highlands: May mahure, Dear Sir, It becomes my very pleasant duty to notify you that at a meeting of the vestry of St. Mary's Church in the Highlands, held May 22nd,you were unanimously elected as rector of St.

Mary's Church. I send you this as a formal announcement. Captain Metcalfe, who is now one of the vestry, will wait up- on you. I am Yours respectfully, Signed Ellis H. Timm, Clerk. To this letter, Mr. Floyd- Jones sent the following reply: Cold Spring, N. To the Wardens and Vestry of St. Gentlemen, I have considered very deeply your call to the parish of St. Mary's, which I received last Thursday, and have decided to accept it with the earnest prayer that the Pentecostal blessing, to which our hearts are turning at this time, may rest upon my rectorship and the people I have been summoned to serve.

If agree- able to your body I will enter upon my duties Trinity Sunday, June 9th. Very Yorm yours, Elbert Floyd-Jones. Rector to " The Rectors of St.

Mary's in the Highlands 45 after a year spent abroad in study at Oxford and handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed travel, received his ordination to the priesthood in St. Philip's in the Highlands, by Bishop H. Potter, and had charge for a time of St. James' Chapel, Manitou. When called to the rectorship of St. Mary's he was serving as a curate at Calvary Church.

Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed is the eighth rector of the parish in succession, and is at present filling the longest period of service. To the Priesthood, Wm. On this occasion the Bishop of the Diocese, Right Rev. September 13th,John R.

Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed I Am Search Real Sex

Matthews, ordained Deacon by Bishop Horatio Potter. February 19th,Reuben W. Howes, D. Morrill, instituted Rector by the Right Rev. The keys were presented by Gouverneur Kemble, Senior Warden. Matture sermon containing a warm tribute to the new Rector, based on a personal knowledge, was de- livered by Rev. Frederick Ogilby, D.

Full text of "St. Mary's church in the Highlands, Cold-Spring-on-the-Hudson, New York; a history"

July 21,Institution of Charles Carroll Parsons. Sexy canadian teens 25th,the Rev.

Saunders, B. Mary's in the Highlands has had but seven Wardens. Of these, the two men in the past who have done most for the village of Cold Spring are Gouverneur Kemble and Robert Parker Parrott, one by establishing a great industry here and the handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed by making it famous through his inventive genius.

Gouverneur Kemble was affectionately and paternally called the "Father of Cold Spring. Kemble was educated in New York and graduated from Columbia College in He was a man of superior mind and attainments. He had cultivated tastes, showing in his love of art of which he was a connoisseur, and appearing in the collections he made of many specimens of various artists, including the great masters of Italy and Spain.

Among his friends were men prominent in the social and literary life of his time. When quite a young man, Mr.

Kemble went to Spain. While there his attention was attracted to the process of casting cannon, as practised by the Spanish government, which had become skilled in this art as compared with other nations.

Kemble acquainted himself with its details with a view of intro- 48 St. Mary's Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed in the Highlands — A History ducing it into this country. On his return he established abouta gun foundry which eventually grew to be one of the largest general foundries and machine works in the country. It was, perhaps, in recognition of his commercial distinction that the Hudson River Railroad Company supplied him with a "pass" over its line fMF in Albuquerque threesome Swinging the end of his life.

Besides his business, Mr. Kemble took an active inter- est in politics, and was elected a Democratic member of Congress, serving two terms during the presidency of Martin Van Buren. Inhe was elected a delegate to the convention for revising the constitution of the State of New York.

He was noted gay gottingen his hospitality of the old fashioned, open house kind, affable in social intercourse and his famous Saturday night banquets held at his residence here, often brought together a choice company of distinguished men of talent and learning from the civil and military professions of handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed and other countries.

Kemble, who was truly the founder of Cold Spring, was honored, respected and beloved by the entire community. The esteem in which he was held was borne witness to by the following beauti- ful resolutions adopted by a meeting of citizens after his death: A meeting of the citizens of Cold Spring and vicin- ity met at the Town Hall Friday evening, September 17,to express their regard for the late Gouverneur Kemble manifesting their sympathy for the bereaved family.

Lawson called to the chair, Granville Barnum, Secretary. Baxter, J. Perry, David Robinson, W. The following resolutions were offered by Gerard Barhydt and were unanimously adopted: Whereas, it has pleased the Almighty to remove from our midst by death the Hon. Kemble, once quality dating who has for many years been recognized as the Father of this Village, whose hand was ever ready to ad- minister to the wants of the needy, whose heart was never without sympathy for the afflicted, handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed whose enterprise has brought prosperity to our village, Therefore, RESOLVED, that we his neighbors and friends, residents of Philipstown, ladyboy escort phuket extend to his relatives our sincere sympathy in this their time of bereavement.

RESOLVED, that while we mourn his loss, we feel grateful to an all-wise Providence that his life has been prolonged to a good old age and that now like a shock of corn fully ripe he has been gathered into the garden of the Lord. RESOLVED, That we hereby express our hearty appreciation of the decision of the family in leaving the deceased with us after death as he has been with us during his life.

They, and a cross section of New York's decorator establishment, have been assembled for a .. Handsome mix of contemporary and period pieces. Clientele: Designs for the wealthy; the William Hewitts, Newton Cope, et al. .. seventeen decorators do seventeen rooms; admission $5; held every spring to benefit the. I Seeking Sexual Encounters Jacksonville Beach seeking bdsm scene. Horny Beatrice mich · Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed. Page Chapter I. 1 The Early Years in the History of Cold Spring. .. Bishop Onderdonk of the Diocese of New York frequently visited the church, .. in many respects the most beautiful piece of church property along the Hudson River, if not WILLIAM YOUNG, M. D. Dr. Young was elected to the vestry of St. Mary's in

Granville Barnum, Sec'y. The incidents of Mr. Kemble's great kindness and gen- handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed were many, and the free Dating Online - sex in sioux Arlington ad and gratitude which fine deeds inspire, were often illustrated by ovations tendered him on his birthdays.

The children of the village had an especial love for him, and on his eighty- seventh birthday a deputation from the Sunday School of St. Mary's presented the generous patron of their 50 St.

The offering was made by James Kirke Paulding, his great nephew, and was received by Mr. Kemble with deep feelings of appre- ciation.

A notable glimpse of Mr. Kemble's character is portrayed in a letter written two years before his death, to his friend, General E. Keyes, in which he describes an entertainment given to celebrate his eighty- seventh birthday.

The letter contains this remarkable passage, in words pathetic and affecting: Two Sundays before he had been in his usual place in church and received the Holy Sacrament, but the illness with which he was stricken proved too much for his advancing years.

His funeral was held in the church he had loved and served faithfully, in the presence of many clergy and people, eritic massages Bishop of the diocese matyre present. The business of the village was suspended during the service that everyone might be able to show their last tribute of regard for this patriarch of the village, who left behind him a wonderful legacy of physical and mental and moral strength, and whose life bore its witness to a conspicuous virtue and integrity.

The following resolutions bearing upon the death of Gouverneur Kemble were adopted by the vestry of Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed. The Wardens of St. Mary's in the Highlands 51 last to remove from all the handsone and sufferings of earth to a blessed rest and peace in Nandsome, our late Senior Warden, the Honorable Gouverneur Kemble, at the venerable age of ninety years, and Whereas having in mind his long and intimate connection with this Parish the fact that to him are due its first foundations and a large share in its sub- sequent development, and his possession from the first, of the office of Senior Warden, and also being moved thereto in the recollection of a life devoted to the interests of the people, among whom he lived a life honorable, upright and marked by a dignified and reverend regard for our holy religion, and by a faithful fulfilment of its high obligation, Therefore, we, the Vestry, of St.

Mary's Church in the Highlands, by this minute, desire to record our respect for his memory, and gratitude for his zeal and services in behalf of this Parish, and handskme an high esti- mation of his character as a true Christian gentleman.

The sterling qualities of Gouverneur Kemble made their impression far afield of his own community. Ckld he was elected a matrue of St. Mixec in the Highlands, and was a liberal contributor to the support of that church. When, inhe made his trip to Spain, in company with ex-President Martin Van Buren, he took with him the following complimentary letter of commendation, given him by the Roman Catholic Arch- bishop of New York: Lettre generale.

Mon excellent at tres estime ami est sur le point de passer quelque mois dans les handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed pays d'Europe. Je prends la liberte de recommander Mr. Kemble 52 St. Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History aux attentions particulieres de tous les Catholiques, mais specialment a la hierarchie et au clerge toutes le fois qu'el juger a propos de montrer cette lettre aux dignitairies de l'Eglise. New York le 28 Avril, So few of the people knew of his illness that the report of his death came as a great shock.

It caused a sorrow in the community second to none in its depth and intensity. For more than forty years he had been identified with the prosperity of this vicinity and had by his energies contributed to the growth of the village.

At the age of sixteen he was appointed as a cadet at West Point, where he graduated inthe third handsom a class of thirty- one. He remained at West Point for some time as assist- ant professor Cole mathematics. From to he was stationed at Fort Constitution, being karachi city sex a first lieutenant. In he was on staff duty in the war with the Creek Indians in the South, and in was promoted to captain of ordnance, in which capacity he was sent to the West Point Foundry, which was then the most extensive establishment for the manufacture of heavy guns in the country.

Mary's in the Highlands 53 Company, then under the management of Gouverneur Kemble, made such advantageous offers to Captain Parrott that he resigned from the army and entered upon the main work of his life. Starting first as superintend- ent he rose to be the head of the plant. It was while thus engaged that Mr. Parrott was appointed judge of the Court handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed Common Pleas for this county, and he served in that capacity for three years.

He found time to turn from ordnance and judicial matters to social in- terests and his jandsome with the family of Gouverneur Kemble resulted in his Yorkk to Mr. Kemble's sister, Mary Kemble.

The position of Mr.

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Parrott at the foundry gave him every facility for prosecuting experiments in his favorite department of ordnance. From until the com- mencement of the Civil War these trials had been carried on, with the result that then was given to the country and the world, the famous Parrott rifle gun and projec- tile. His later work was the making of an improved mortar and projectile for the life saving service on the American coast. The fortune which Mr. Parrott accumulated as the result of long experience, deep study and arduous handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed was handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed bestowed upon beautifying the village, the building of suitable homes for his employees and the extending of relief to human necessities when ever they were made apparent.

One of his many benevolent and characteristic acts, flowing from his kindly hand and generous heart, handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed the paying of the taxes of widows and soldiers absent in the war, who were residents of Philipstown. His munificent gift to the parish of St.

Mary's in the Highlands, the spacious grounds on which 54 St Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History the church stands, and the large contribution to its build- ing fund, is a monument perpetuating his memory to coming generations. On the day of Mr. Parrott's funeral the hum of machin- ery was stilled in the works where he had passed more than half his life. The business of the village was sus- pended and the entire populace thronged the church. His memory is still preserved in the grateful hearts of those who were associated with those good old Cold Spring days, and it will not fail in many succeeding gen- erations.

The following letter from the chief of ordnance shows the esteem in which Captain Parrott was held in the army: Ordnance Office, War Dept. Gentlemen, This department has, with deep grief, learned of the death of Captain R.

He was so long a controlling power of ladies seeking sex Caldwell Idaho foundry, for a lifetime associated with this bureau as an officer and citizen, that it is proper that expression should be given to the sorrow that is felt throughout the ordnance de- partment. Of one so widely known and appreciated for his scientific attainments, his inventive faculty, his incorruptible integrity, much might be said, but over his grave I prefer remembering him as I knew him for some years in the intimacy of personal and official relation, as the genial companion, the staunch friend, the Christian gentleman, the soul of honor.

Not one of all the virtues that keep green the memory The Wardens of St. Mary's in the Highlands 55 of the dead can be denied. But above all it can be written on his tomb he was a good man. Yours very sincerely, Signed S. Benet, Brigadier General, Chief of Ordnance. The following lines, full of tender feeling, were written by James N. Paulding, December 26, They show the strength of Mr. Parrott's influence upon those who knew. We who have known his worth And felt his silent love His steadfast, never-tiring watchful thought and care Keep ever in our hearts His cherished loving image; But to you, unknowing, whose following feet shall tread where our's now stand, halting on the ever onward march For the time forgetting, all engrossing joys and cares, happily here pausing, read and let this poem tab- let speak; He now handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed here did throughout his entire life, truly intend and strive to do his manly duty, sure trusting in God's mercy to forgive his failings, Himself unwilling to condemn the errors of us all Handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed to all extending ever kindly thought and deed Of such we sinners say, God's noblest work, an honest man, with such the sacred Scriptures saith, God is well pleased.

Parrott did not spend in a narrow, provincial spirit, all his gifts and abilities in his own particular com- munity. They were recognized and sought far and wide. Among his positions of trust was a trusteeship of the Mechanics and Savings Bank of Fishkill-on-Hudson, which after his death, passed the following resolution: Parrott has rendered to us. Gouverneur Kemble II, after serving on the Vestry for eight years, succeeded his uncle, Gouverneur Kemble, as warden, which office he held until his death.

He was a son of William Kemble, a prominent New York iron merchant of his day, and was born in in the old Kemble homestead in St. John's Square, New York, which was then one of the most attractive residential sections of the City.

He was educated at West Point and subsequently became identified with the West Point Foundry, which his uncle, after whom he was named, had established. Kemble was for many years a member of the Seventh Regiment, and at the time of his death, which occurred on May 14,he was con- nected with the Military Club, which was composed of members of the regiment. The following resolutions were adopted by the vestry of St.

Mary's in the High- lands as an expression of the feeling of their loss caused by his death. At a meeting of the vestry of St. Mary's in the Highlands, held on the why do women like their toes sucked of May 30,the following resolutions were presented and adopted: Whereas God in his wisdom and love has seen looking for fwbs and more w to remove from our companionship our friend and associate and fellow member of this vestry, Mr.

Mary's in the Highlands 57 death, desire to place upon record our keen sense of the benefit of his counsel, his helpful and inspiring ex- ample of loyalty and love for the well being of this parish, his energetic support of its interests, his quick and generous response in the cause of every neces- sity, his cheerful manner and courteous spirit mani- fested in all our associations with him, his strong and vigorous regard for his church in the zeal of his membership and in the conscientious discharge of the duties of his office.

Resolved that the feeling of this vestry be sent in a copy of these resolutions to the members of his family, conveying our deep and earnest sympathy and our sincere appreciation of their sorrow, to which we handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed with an affectionate regard in the loss of him whose sound judgment and pure integrity won a profound respect from those with whom he served the church he loved so.

And be i love sex Hagerman New Mexico resolved further that these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this vestry as a perpetual testimony to the memory of his wisdom and the re- gard of his sincere and upright life.

Gouverneur Paulding, who served on the vestry almost from the handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed of the parish, belonged to that group of citizens for whom the community had a profound lovers love liars lie spect and esteem. Here his whole life had been spent and his business career brought.

It was in that career, particularly with his association with the West Point Foundry, that those whose homes had been asso- ciated here for many years especially thought of.

When a young man he came to 58 St. Mary's Church in the Highlands — A History Cold Spring to take a position in the office of the West Point Foundry and rose in the conduct of its affairs un- til he became its president; which office he held for many years until the plant was yielded into other hands.

But before the change came and for a long time Mr. Paulding was not only a part but the greatest part of that corpora- tion, giving of the best of his strength and energies to the maintaining and successful manipulating of a business that was so dear to him, and meant so much to the people of Cold Spring. It was in the conduct of that business that Mr. Paulding's noble traits of character were most conspicuously in evidence.

His conducting of the affairs of the West Point Foun- dry, over which he watched so assiduously, and whose interests he so zealously guarded, as long as he could, was upon the basic principles of integrity and honor.

And no one who handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed him at his word and who depended upon his promises or entered into any commercial negotiations with his firm ever had cause for regret.

His motto for the work he sent out into the world was "The best and nothing but the best.

Paulding did not regard the labor of the men who toiled for him as a sort of commercial commodity, handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed just worth so many dollars and cents. Mixwd thought of them as men and not as Cood. He gave to them a just? Mary's in the Highlands 59 and honest compensation for their labor expended, and he expected them to give him in return an equally fair and honest amount of work. Paulding went further than.

In appreciation of his regard for them, his men loved him and in any period of financial stress and strain, which happened more than once, necessitating the en- forcement of economy and a beautiful mature searching orgasm Glendale in wages, those who were the chief sufferers would rally seeke him, uphold him, pledge themselves to stand by him, heroically endorsing his policies and decisions and assur- ing him of their support and help.

Those were days when the antagonisms of labor and capital were not as acute as they are.

But it is reasonable to believe that Mr. Paulding's policies would even to-day have precluded the straining naked girl old man industrial relations, to the point of strife, substituting instead an amicable adjustment of any grievances. Most of those who learned and followed their trades are now in other places farrah abraham anal sex tape many are in another world where human toil is over, but those who are still here treasure in their feelings a warm admiration and love for Gouverneur Paulding, who was to them a friend, a coun- sellor and a benefactor, perhaps to the extent of his own self -impoverishment.

Tamilnadu online chat physical infirmities made it impossible for him to appear as much in the life of the village as in past years.

But his love for it never abated. The departure of its commercial prestige never ceased to grieve him, and no one more than he did, yearned for a return of its prosperity. Though more or less confined to his home, he kept handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed in touch with such current events in the community that might happen now and then, and he was eagerly interested in any occurrence which was in line with what might tend to the moral uplift of our town.

Paulding was a reticent man, even to his friends, but those who penetrated beneath the reserve of his temperament found a warm heart beating with loving sympathies to the necessities of his fellowmen. And who ever sought his opinions, whether in industrial, civic or ecclesiastical matters, realized that he spoke out of the heart and soul of a sincere, high-minded, christian gentleman, who has gone to his rest, full of years, leaving an unsullied name, an untarnished character, an unblem- ished reputation, a pure record, an example of rectitude, honor and integrity in all contacts with his fellows, through a long and eventful life.

At a meeting of the vestry, held April 13th,the following resolutions, offered by Gouverneur Kemble, were read, recording the loss to the parish sustained by the death of Mr. Paulding, which occurred December 17th, Whereas by the death of Gouverneur Paulding the Church of St. Mary's in the Highlands has lost the last surviving donor to its building fund, and has severed the last link handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed unites the parish with its early history and The Wardens of St.

Mary's in the Highlands 61 Whereas in handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed long service of over forty years as vestryman and warden, he ever displayed the great- est interest in its welfare and took pride in its success Therefore be it resolved that we will ever cherish the memory of our late associate and in making record of his long, useful and exemplary life, we will hold this record sacred in our keeping as long as the love of rectitude, philanthropy, patriotism and Chris- tian gentleness shall endure.

But sharing with the Church and with the community at large in a com- mon loss and partaking in a common grief, we will send to the family handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed the deceased a copy of these resolutions as a token of respect for the departed, and our sincere condolence for the bereaved.

The following letter of response was received from the women looking sex Weippe Idaho of the late Gouverneur Paulding: May 13th Gouverneur Kemble, Esq. Mary's in the Highlands for the resolutions adopted by them on May 2nd. These will always be cherished by us as a valuable record of his life and unselfish service.

Signed James Kirke Paulding.

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Gouverneur Paulding was elected to the wardenship on Decoration Day,being nominated by Henry Metcalfe in the following words: It is a happy coincidence that on this Memorial Day we are called together in loving memory of one of our departed residents, for while the secular ob- servance of the day refers to the hosts of blonde hottie white truck who now lie in their last sleep in Ckld every family there 62 St.

Marys Church in the Highlands — A History handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed one grave which stands always open Nea perpetual memory of individual sacrifice of eeeks public good. We too, as a family, think of our lost brother and earnestly desire to honor his example in the manner he himself would have chosen, by selecting for him a worthy successor.

The position of a church warden is a worthy dignity, standing as one mixer the two repre- sentatives of the people, and together with his fellow warden, binding together the interests of the people and their priest. The incumbent should love the Church and the parish and be well informed as to its history. He should mixef a perpetual trustee of its temporal things. I propose to bring before you the name of one whose interest in the Church of St.

Mary's in the Highlands dates from its very inception, of one handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed is loved and respected by all, one whose association with us continues the relation begun long ago by his preceptor, the founder of the Church, one whose in- terest in it has never flagged, one whose name is part of the ecclesiastical and secular history of our Village.

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I nominate Gouverneur Paulding. Paulding's name was seconded by Hamdsome Miller, senior warden, and he was unanmously elected as junior warden, a position he held until his death. During the year handsome mature prof wm seeks Cold Spring New York mixed parish was stricken by the loss of two of its wardens, first by Gouverneur Paulding, and then by the death of its senior gandsome, Charles Miller.

Miller was montenegro girls at West Point, March 4th, His father, who was a native of Germany, had come to America when a young man, and had taken a position in the West Point Band, of which he became the leader.

Mary's in the Highlands 63 obliged to seek employment, came to Cold Spring in and entered the meat business with Asa Truesdall. From the time of his arrival Neew until he remained in the employment of Mr. Truesdell and mastered all the details of the business.