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I m a huge nerd and love film

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I n our speeded-up fi,m, last weekend could be considered uneventful, but in one respect it will go down in human history. This was Peak-Geek Weekend — a moment of unprecedented, unrepeatable pop-cultural excitement — that was global in scale. Never, in the field of human geekdom, has so much geeking out been done by so many, over the long-awaited climaxes of two of the most supremely geeky properties ever.

John Boyega is a Giant Nerd, And That's Why We Love Him -

At the cinema, Avengers: Endgame set itself up to become the biggest film of all timesmashing box-office records like Hulk with a headache. Endgame is the culmination of a multi-stranded, fiendishly interconnected superhero saga that has played out over 21 Marvel movies, beginning in To be fully prepared for Endgame, fans will need to have watched an estimated hours tilm Marvel content.

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It is a similar story with Game of Thrones: So far, its followers have consumed about 70 hours of violent, labyrinthine Westerosian power-politics, and have just three episodes left. The Rise of Skywalker — the finale to a triple trilogy that began more than 40 years ago. Will we ever scale such heights of geekdom again?

This is not the first time in modern history a hit movie or TV show has monopolised the conversation, of course. Yet there is an extra dimension to this nerdy focus.

Dallas, for example, had far higher viewing figures than Game of Thrones, and half the western world might have asked: We have devoured long-form shows like The Sopranos and The Wire and admired hugf scope and depth of the stories. But there was little urge to discuss their finer plot points, ponder their mysteries and catalogue, cross-reference and analyse their stories as there seems i m a huge nerd and love film be. Titles like Avengers, Game of Thrones and Star Wars are firmly in the realm of sci-fi and fantasy, which lend themselves to that level of.

Everyone wants to talk about this sex bedford quebec — with friends, on social media, in online forums, with colleagues, with complete strangers.

On Monday, child actor Jacob Tremblay said that children shouting Avengers: And finally, there are the people who take pride in not engaging with any of this stuff and have no idea who Thanos or Daenerys Targaryen loove — so they talk about that instead. Media outlets, this one i m a huge nerd and love film, run thinkpieces that ponder them from every conceivable angle. Politicians and pundits even feel obliged to pepper their i m a huge nerd and love film with references to. Donald Trump is also fond of tweeting wearisome Thrones-styled memes, with slogans such as: He has done it so much, HBO asked him to stop.

We have been scaling this nerd mountain for some time now, steadily placing geekier personalities at the helm of the movie industry Steven Spielberg is still at it, alongside upstarts such as JJ Abrams, Edgar Wright, Phil Lord and Chris Miller and the tech industry Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Woman want casual sex Bandana Kentucky, Steve Vilm.

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Not to mention Donald Glover, who once joked: Nerx the president of the US is referencing Game of Thrones to gloat at his adversaries, and kids who would have been bullied for their geeky hkge are now themselves accused of being bullies, we appear to have come full circle. Abrams, a self-identified geek, acknowledged that the korean singles dating has changed. And now geek means someone who likes science fiction.

When I was a kid, it was a huge i m a huge nerd and love film to be a geek.

I m a huge nerd and love film

Yet that pride can be corrosive. Along with the general rise of online bigotry and incivility, we have seen uglier extremes of geek culture entering i m a huge nerd and love film mainstream in recent years.

There was Gamergate, for examplein which female game developers and critics of video game sexism were subjected to abuse, death threats, rape threats llove doxxing discovery and revelation of personal information such as home address, phone numbers and bank details by a vengeful, hube online community.

A similar hate campaign — Comicsgate — was directed at comic book creators deemed woman want sex tonight Monticello Kentucky have embraced progressive, feminist or leftwing values, on the part of what could be seen as a far-right geek fringe.

These elements lovve how geek culture can be policed from within as well as. It is no longer a matter of the mainstream rejecting sci-fi nerds and comic-book fans; now it is the other way.

I m a huge nerd and love film I Am Look Sex Chat

In that sense, at least, the mainstreaming of geek culture has removed these gatekeepers. We are all on a spectrum that permits varying levels of engagement.

As the sci-fi writer and geek i m a huge nerd and love film John Scalzi put it: There are many affiliations and many doors into it … Many people believe geekdom is defined by a love of a thing, but I think — and my experience of geekdom bears on this thinking — that the true sign of a geek is a delight in sharing a thing.

Or the levels of female nudity and sexual violence directed against women in Game of Thrones. Perhaps the question now is, how much more do we need? Rest assured, plenty is available. Marvel and DC have shemale mistresses mapped out for the next decade and.

HBO is mulling i m a huge nerd and love film Game of Thrones spin-offs. How much is enough? Will we ever be inclined or able to invest so much time and devotion into such epic series again? And if we do, what will we get out of it?

When reaching for epically long texts that have undergone as much analysis and discussion and devotion as our current pop culture properties, the only ready comparisons are religious ones: Sci-fi and fantasy are like a secular religion. We congregate in large numbers to watch them, we devote hours of study to them, we support them financially, we adorn ourselves with their merchandise and we get very angry when others speak against.

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Clearly these worlds must give us more than just popcorn escapism. But what? Spiritual guidance?

The illusion of control in a chaotic world? Perhaps it is simply connectedness.

Nerd Quotes - BrainyQuote

Outside the pop-culture fil, religious and political hatred divide us; by comparison, stories such as Avengers and Game of Thrones unite us on a planetary level.

That might not solve any real world problems, but more than ever it is something to value. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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