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Im looking for an attractive friend

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We've lookig got that mate who is tall and pretty with legs for days and hair shinier than the sun. Going out with that mate is a nightmare; everywhere she goes, people stare like they've never seen a real life human lady before and find all sorts of excuses to come and talk to.

You on the other hand? Well, standing next to her you might as well be a fat, ror sloth baby with greasy fur and the personality of a poo.

Realistically, at least half of that is your own im looking for an attractive friend, sure there's probably a lot of people that do think she's all that, but there's also definitely people out there who are digging your vibes. Anyways - over on Reddit, one girl, who had her first experience of going out to bars, was forr insecure about herself in this way after her two friends got a lot more attention than her, 'I was having a lot of fun with my friends until I realized that guys attrwctive coming up and asking them to dance, but not me.

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I don't think I base my confidence or self-esteem on what others think of me and I definitely attractice want tobut I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit hurt by it. User Weinersnizzle found being the 'ugly' her words friend so tough she doesn't go out anymore.

Yes, I am the ugly friend but it doesn't keep me from being happy. She also says that even the 'prettiest, best-dressed girl in her art school, her home friends were literally models. They made her feel like a hobbit.

I have done things to shape my mind. I speak more languages than most of my friends, paint bettern that most of them, have a couple of degress; I may not be the prettiest girl but I have other things going for attractiive.

And it's attraftive just straight women that im looking for an attractive friend be affected baker sex the ugly friend thing 'The saddest thing is I'm gay and I still feel the same way you do' Says user Ashizzzle.

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