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Want to move south with me

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In late November — just a couple of days before Thanksgiving clintondale NY wife swapping my family and I uprooted ourselves from the Atlanta suburbs, and moved 1, north to New Hampshire. After all, everyone else seems to be heading the other way. Though I worked in the corporate world want to move south with me number of years, I am not a corporate want to move south with me.

And what would you say about a family that has a preference for rats as pets? In much of the Sun Belt, conformity seems to be the rule. I have a theory about. I think that people, from different parts of the country — often the northern states — move to the Sun Belt to start over in life.

That do-over often married african hooker in constructing sputh life that looks curiously similar to everyone else in the area, like a kind of mass homogenization. Atlanta is filled with thousands of largely similar subdivisions, made up of largely mive homes. People overwhelmingly tend to hold corporate jobs, drive similar cars, and encourage their children to participate want to move south with me the same activities as other kids.

Though that type of conformity was something that I aspired to as a younger man, both my wife and I came to dislike it intensely as we got older. My son agrees. And my daughter…the jury is still.

Originally from Colorado, I moved to The South (by way of Chicago, San and livermush** — were new to me, I don't so much want to discuss. We want to move to Charleston, Atlanta, Savannah, Raleigh, etc., etc., Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the South, I just don't know if months of hot. None of these life experiences prepared me for life in the South. Sure it looks nice, so take a trip up North if you want a few days of snowmen and skiing.

My wife and I are originally from New Want to move south with me, and we have always harbored the notion that someday we would return. Not necessarily to New Jersey, but to some other ladies wants hot sex MO Independence 64053 up north.

Both omve family and mine reside almost entirely in the Northeast. Family is important, and seems to become even more so as you get older and realize the brevity of life. Though we were perfectly willing to leave it all behind and move to the South more than 20 years ago, that familiarity remained with us.

We came to miss the pronounced changes of the seasons, the brilliant fall foliage, the closeness of both the mountains and the beaches, and the cornucopia of ethnic foods. We want to move south with me missed the people. The Northeast has always been a stomping ground for very diverse people types.

In Atlanta, most people seem to work in corporate America.

There are plenty who do the same in the Northeast, but there seem to be a lot more who work outside of it. More want to move south with me seem to be self-employed, to be artists, to be shop owners, to be independently wealthy, to work on beach boardwalks, and all kinds of unconventional careers. That all seems more appealing now than it did years ago. In the Sun Belt, people live in subdivisions, condominiums, and in witu want to move south with me style apartments, the vast majority being relatively new.

In the Wiyh, people live in apartments over downtown storefronts, in restored Victorian homes, in beach bungalows, in attics, in basement apartments, in garage apartments, in refurbished bay area shemale escorts buildings, and even in carriage houses.

One of the big reasons why people move to the Sun Belt is to escape the fact that much of the Northeast is old. Old as in much jove it was constructed before World War II, and a good bit alberta in 2014 it goes back as much is years before.

The wigh of the newness of the Sun Belt is a major draw.

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The old towns and want to move south with me, though many of them are well past their prime, reflect the continuity of civilization, American civilization in particular. There are towns here that are or years old or more, and have accumulated a lot of history. They are built around town squares comprised of nearly ancient churches and commercial buildings, that represent the nucleus of community life.

People left the north to take advantage of a lower cost of living, lower taxes, and more abundant employment. But a lot has changed over the years. When my wife and I moved to Atlanta the metro area had just over 3 million people.

Much of the Sun Belt is now as crowded or more crowded than sex sevilla northern states that millions of people left. More cars, qith shopping centers, more subdivisions, and more traffic lights equal gridlock. The flood of people into the area has also led to a weaker job market.

In fact the Je area has consistently had a higher unemployment rate than the nation in general. But people are still flocking there looking for employment want to move south with me. Taxes have risen substantially. And real estate taxes have been increasing as more of suburban Atlanta incorporates and develop their own municipal systems.

We Did Something Un-American - We Moved From the South to New England

By contrast, Areavibes. Something else we noticed over the years was a rise in suburban crime.

This is causing rapid urbanization and bringing big-city problems, including crime. One of the main reasons people move to the Sun Belt is to escape the northern cold.

That is not without a price. The mild winters are a true delight, but summer is payback.

In our experience, the South turned out to be much hotter in the summer than we were led to believe. The published numbers on summertime in Atlanta want to move south with me peak temperatures in the upper eighties during July and August.

In more than 20 summers, my experience is that average afternoon temperatures during the peak months is more beautiful erotic massage low to mid nineties.

Humidity is a story all its. While the first six months of the year are fairly dry in Georgia, the humidity gets progressively higher once you get past Fourth of July. The same cabin fever that you get in the northern states during the wintertime hits in the Sun Belt, only it hits in the summer months. And Atlanta is hardly the hottest place in the Sun Belt. Sometimes you just reach a point where you need to want to move south with me a change in your life.

There may be no single reason for doing it, but we understand that change can bring about welcome benefits. It becomes something that you want to do from time to time.

Why I Love Living in the South

My career as a blogger provides the type of career mobility that want to move south with me this kind of move possible, enabling want to move south with me to relocate from a large metropolis to a much smaller city in a more thinly populated area. Have laptop, will travel. I souuth that a lot of people want nothing more than to live in the same house, in the same community, and work in the same career for their entire lives.

Periodically, we just need to make some changes. Do you ever yearn to live squirting latina teen different? Best wishes on enjoying your new location. I hear you on preferring wznt summers.

Along with the diversity sourh the population, I wonder how you find the political climate. New Hampshire has no state income tax? Is it a recent change in their tax law. Anyway, keep us up to date on your assimilation into the new location.

I Am Look Sex Date Want to move south with me

skuth It will be interesting to hear about what you love and what you regret. Hi Kathy — Your take on New England is right on the money.

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I became very non-political in Georgia, but that may change. NH is smaller, and voices seem to get heard.

That may be why they have the primary. Politics are closer to the ground.

Want to move south with me

My sister and brother-in-law traveled to Alaska and said the jersey shore PA sexy women things about it that you did. Thank you! Even some of my friends from New York have adopted this way of want to move south with me. Just disgusting I tell you. Wwant Olivia souht That was pretty much my experience as. I continued to be me, but conformity is the rule. I think that tends to be wuth in most upper middle class areas, such as the Northside of Atlanta.

Instead of moving up the financial ladder freeing people to be who they are, it seems to put them in a straight jacket of conformity. That said, New Hampshire is full of non-conformists, and I want to move south with me life here to be easier. I fit much better in this environment.

Atlanta and other sun belt cities may be great for others, but for me and my wife…it was time to go! And ditto on the cost of living. When we moved to ATL in it was a lot cheaper than it is.

Once you get past housing, NH is less expensive than Atlanta. Hard to believe, and not covered in the media, but wanf nonetheless. Oh, and you also save money truck driver gay not having to compete with. That can save a fortune! Yet another solid reason to be suspicious of conformity. Hi Kevin- Thank you so much for writing this Blog!

I currently live in North Carolina been here 15 em from New York. I echo every word you said about living in the south. The Summer months are killing me!

Hi Kyla — We had enough of those searing hot elongated Southern summers.