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Womans sexual peak

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The original research on the sexual peak, or prime, was done by Dr.

Aomans have truly and deeply bought into, and perpetuated, womans sexual peak idea that people, particularly women, of a certain age no longer have sexual desire or are desirable. However, we are increasingly discovering that the body remains capable of pleasure well into old age.

Asking more, and different, questions about women, sexuality, and culture has led to the formation of new ideas around the sexual peak. It might also simply be that some folks have consistently higher sex drives throughout womans sexual peak lives than other people.

womans sexual peak There are many reasons sex drives can vary over the course of a lifetime — that is, become higher and lower — including pregnancyhaving kids, taking womajsanxietyand the experience of being a woman in a society where misogyny is an active and unrelenting force.

Mashfika N.

Maybe not surprisingly, both the concept and the reality of the sexual peak is more complicated than Kinsey would have had us believe. When it comes to sex, everyone has their womans sexual peak story. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

You can find her on Twitter at chaneldubofsky. Related Articles. Read On.